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Anonymous40784   in reply to bookworm2011
I sent you an email.
I couldn't get a post to go through earlier.
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Hey Girl,
How are things in your neck of the woods? I am doing ok, trying to get everything done around here so we can enjoy the upcoming week..I need some advice from someone on the outside looking in..My 19 year old daughter lives with her bf and his mom. She has lived with them for three years. The mom let her live there so they could play house, basically and I got tired of the drama so I decided to let her stay and focus on my other three kids. My daughter just graduated college and is looking for a job, her bf goes to school, only the mom works and they are being evicted. My daughter can come home, live with my parents, or in one of our properties but the bf cannot. I pay some of the bills in their household (cable, internet, food, gas) and the mom pays the rest. Now that they all need a place to go, they are looking at us. I do not want to get into a rental agreement with any of them. I would not have the heart to evict my daughter under any circumstances, and this would cause conflict between my husband and I.
I don't have a problem renting to the mom because it would be a business decision and nothing personal but its probably not a good idea even though we arent friends or anything..I just don't want to get caught holding the bag should my daughter and her bf break up you know?
Long story short, I offered them my 5th wheel. Its 34 feet with 2 slides and worth 18,000 but I would accept 5,000 in payments of 500 a month for a year..Heres my question, if I sell it to the mother (she would not live there, my daughter and her bf would) I would be taking at least a 5-6,000 loss for what I can get from an RV do you think I should still be obligated to help with the space rent too? (its 400 a month for utilities and everything else)..the mom wants me to commit to help until the kids are on their feet but when I offered the RV, it was intended for her, and she could do as she wished with it now I feel like shes trying to trap me into contiuing to take care of them which I can't do. I would have no additional expense if my daughter just came home so I dont want to take on helping these extra people indefinitely just because the mom committed to doing this. I also need to explain all this to my husband (the terms)..I am trying to be fair and also help my daughter out but trying to not support her choices of living together with someone she isn't married to, which I've been doing this past year and feel I'm sending conflicting messages to both her and my other kids..I also don't want to over extend my credit to this family because they have none and are depending on me to get all of this going for them..My husbands solution is that she should come home or else let them worry about somewhere to live. He wants me to stop contributing altogether which I am not going to do until my daughter is self sufficient and can pay her own bills and take care of herself and she is a long way off from there but is taking steps to make it happen..I just want to have my head clear when I talk to him because despite how he feels, he said he will back me up 100% with whatever I decided to do, regardless of if he agrees with it or not. My biggest issue isn't the money, it's my relationship with her. We just got back on track and I don't want anything to come between us, but I want to do what's right, not what's easiest..I value your opinion..thanks for listening
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Anonymous40784   in reply to Randy1961
You are not alone.
The devil just make us feel that way.
Know that all your sisters & brothers in the Lord all feel that way at sometime in our life.
God bless you
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Thank you for your words of understanding. I don't feel so alone now.
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Anonymous40784   in reply to bookworm2011
Hey girl,

We don't use our RV either.
Ours is only 28 ft & it sits in our driveway.

Your RV sounds like it would make someone a nice home.

Girl, I'm so happy for your son.
And,what a remarkable child.
Not everyone wants to be a missionary.
That is just awesome.

The weather here is schizophrenic also.
Its raining one minute & super hot,sunny the next.

You are more than welcome for the prayers.
It is my pleasure to pray for others.


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Wanted to say hello and hope that you are doing is the weather in your parts? Its strange here, hot one moment and raining with lightening the next..Seems I got sick out camping this weekend and my little one too, he has broncitis so maybe something in the RV set him off, dust or whatever..have you taken your RV out this year? Ours is so costly being its 34 feet and we pay to store it, so we decided to find someone that needs a place to stay that can afford to buy it for a really discounted rate, it will make someone a nice home..but for us, we dont need it anymore, the little kids like being outside more than inside, they dont care about its features and such, they rather cook over the firepit than inside the rv anyway so were going to buy a smaller one that can fit in our driveway and cut the storage costs each month..also wanted to tell you thank you for all your prayers, My son did get his financial aid to attend Bible college, his friend who attends also is about to graduate and has job offers in Austrailia as well as Germany..she is very excited and I am too, it lets me know that my son will be able to make his dreams of becoming an international missionary come true taking the path he is taking...anyway you have a great week if I don't talk to you soon ok?
Your friend,
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A friend wanted me to pass this along.
If you would like prayer,then please go to:
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Anonymous40784   in reply to nayan7513
hello there
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nayan7513   in reply to nayan7513
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Anonymous40784   in reply to bellezz
I will say a prayer for you & your family.
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Hi I found your page through google and I am a single mom of three I am in need of help with a security deposit I am in a desperate need found a apt and i am able to pay the rent with the help of section 8 however I finding it difficult to find help with the securtiy deposit if anyone can help me and my children would greatly appreciate it
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GOD... has always given me the strength otherwise I would not still be here...I trust that the lord is my ever constant companion and that he is guiding me the right way... thats why I finally quit the big box...tired of being diminished personally and professionally.. but I hhad put myself in a bind... not looking just for handouts just for a little help until I hope to win for my unemployment...last time on unemployment was 1974... a long time ago... I have never wanted anything for nothing... never but only to be treated the same ...with my fellow employees and to live by the golden rule... to unto others have you will have them to unto you... always lived that but to many people out there that hold dark feelings for anyone or any person that truly has a good heart....and then your forced out of work... in one way or another....go to http://bluskeesplea.blogs... and tell your friends... just to visit..I appreciate and may the GOOD LORD BLESS YOY.
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Wonder wheel   in reply to AidpageTeam
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Inspiration
You're welcome!
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Inspiration   in reply to AidpageTeam
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Inspiration
Hi Inspiration,

Following your suggestion, we restored the showing of dates on the user hovercards (that you see when you hover on the avatars).

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Anonymous40784   in reply to bookworm2011
Hi Char,
It is so beautiful that you have a heart for foster kids & literacy.
And,many foster kids are in need of literacy as well as other things.
With you diverse background & home training from your Dad, I think the foster kids can benefit from your knowledge.
Many of them 'age out' of foster care & don't have a clue in life.
It would be good to have someone to educate them on things such as: budgeting,balancing a check book, finances in general.
It would be good to help them with literacy issues is they have them.
They need mentoring & directions in life.
It would be good to encourage them to go to a community college & get an employable 'skill'.
No matter what their 'dream' is I encourage youth to get a skill first then go to the University or College they desire. That way they can 'work' to help with school finances.
Besides, there are alot of people with advanced degrees that cannot get a job in this economy. Yet,those with a desirable skills from a community college get jobs.
Its heartbreaking to see people graduate with a 4 year degree & have over $100,000.oo dollars in student loans! Then to make it worse they cannot find a job. Yet, add to that mixture when they do find a job in their beloved field the pay will not support the loan payment.
I cannot understand why a student would go into debt getting a student loan over a 100 grand while knowing that their degree is in a field like criminal justice; knowing they desire to be a police officer & knowing the salary is not that high.
Kids need to be educated not to do this.

I know you would be good at educating young people about finances. You even know about stock,something that I don't . And,it showed!!

If you would like to give them money,may I suggest offering a small scholarship, stipends or even some sort of contest.
Many young people are not going to find jobs, this will give them 'hope'.
The small scholarships should not be based on GPA alone. There are alot of 'C' students who are determined to succeed. And,everyone does not have the same IQ or come from the same home/financial situations. Yet,they are just as worthy.
They could be based on such things as 'helping others in the community','tutoring other children', extracurricular activities,etc.
Scholarships can be as large as you desire or as small as $100 dollars.

Oh well, those are just a few suggestions. I'm sure you will think of something better, since my brain is not as young as yours. LOL

As for as homeschooling your kids,thats a great idea. But, I don't have enough knowledge or ideas in that area. Even though I come from a long line of school teachers & I taught for a 'very' short while. It was just not for me. I preferred Behavioral Health/Med.

Gee, I am talking your ears off or should I say writing your eyes off.
And, my computer is beginning to act up.
So, I will go for now.

Have a great day.
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Its so good to hear from you...I dont like the new system either..I cant see when I get a message, I just stumble on messages by mistake in the public forum and its alol different than the old system ha ha...things with me are same as always, busy busy business is doing well, better than I hoped which is a double edged sword...I quit working for public schools to spend more time with my little kids since both older ones are now in college..while Im happy about the income, its hard without my older kids to help me so Im trying to juggle it take care of the ones in college as I want them to only go to school and not work until they graduate..that means paying rent and bills for them both..God has provided and continued to bless me to be able to do this and I am very very thankful..I would like to start some kind of program in my area to help others but dont really know where to start but I have a heart for foster children as you know and also literacy...any idea's? Even if I can only help a few people, that would change their lives..I dont want to just hand out money and pay bills for them husband made me see that just helps them stay in their doesnt really solve anything for them Im trying a different approach..let me know if you have any ideas...I hope your family is well..I will include my email in a one to one post and would love yours too...Id really love your input as well..on teaching styles..I homeschooled my older kids and now just took my 10 year old out of public school and have some ideas/questions Id like to ask a fellow teacher about her curriculm...take care and write back whenever you get time..
God bless,
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Inspiration
Hi Inspiration,

We will put that feature back on Aidpage in the next week or two.

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Anonymous40784   in reply to Inspiration
Yeah,me too.
Its so good to hear from you.
I love your pic. Its beautiful.
Have a nice night.
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